Meet Babatunde Oladele

A frontline content expert & reputation management consultant

Babatunde is a much sought-after content specialist with expertise in deploying creative content for brands, webs, manuscripts, publications, events, trainings and marketing campaigns. His clientele/ project portfolio spans national and international frontiers.






















Mr Productivity

Babatunde is an entrepreneur whose life mission is to ‘give beauty for ashes’. He is a content specialist as well as an expert in brand and reputation management. He consults for government institutions, FMCGs, corporates and individuals on various projects locally and internationally.

He has also taught management communications in the MBA and Executive MBA classes at Lagos Business School.

More About Babatunde

After some hands-on jobs before, during and after his first university degree, Babatunde worked as Personal Assistant/Research Personnel to the Founder/CEO of The Chair Centre Group between 2004 and 2010. In that posting, he distinguished himself, whilst also doubling as the Production Manager of a weekly telecast anchored by his principal.



Our Values and Life

Our values are the guardrails we use to navigate the shaky paths of everyday life.

Striking Balance

Balance is one of the trickiest points to strike.

Creativity Thrives When Unbound

The creative spirit thrives when unbounded. However, boundlessness is an illusion, as we are all answerable, one way or the other, to one another.

Preparation is the Price for Attainment

Preparation is the legal tender of attainment. It is the money you pay in exchange for what you want. If you are not willing to pay the price, you are not deserving of the prize.

Irresponsibility in Duty Disguise

Irresponsibility can sometimes parade itself in the garbs of duty and dazzle with the diction of propriety.


TRW Consult

TRW Consult is a marketing communications agency founded in 2009 with core expertise in content deployments, brand management, reputation management, digital marketing, social media campaigns, event marketing, razzmatazz, virtual assistance, amongst others.

The Ready Writers

The Ready Writers is Nigeria’s oldest and most trusted Content Development & Editorial Agency offering Content Writing, Editing, Proofing, Transcribing, Visual and Audio-visual Contents to individuals and corporates.


ThriVers Academy

ThriVers Academy is a self-enhancement & capacity development Institute focused on raising a global army of aware individuals who have zeroed in on their cores, are living or operating by design and making impacts in their worlds.



Valour Digest[for men]

Valour Digest was purposed as a catalyst to the emergence of a new breed of responsible men who ‘man’ their spaces. The publication publishes resource materials aims at inspiring, empowering and equipping men to become all they were created to be and be the man in their home, at work, in their circles, in the society and the world.



Virtue Digest [for women]

Virtue Digest is designed to help the womenfolk fill up to full capacity the diverse roles they were created for and live a life of purpose and impact. It is a springboard that uplifts women and cheers them on as they step into their places of fulfilment and purpose.

Daily Dew Devotional & Inspirational

Daily Dew was inspired to raise a generation of Bible-addicts who make the Bible their first and last resort for solution and direction. It aims to draw out the beauty within and proffer biblical perspectives to various life issues.
































Ego Prevents Learning

Most often than not, it is ego that prevents us from learning something new and becoming more informed or versatile than we are. The consciousness of not wanting to appear ignorant to people only checkers our progress and denied us the facilities that information...

Petty Mindedness is not Flattering

It is petty mindedness to see everyone or interpret everything as being about you or yours, either for good or bad. In a situation where the vibes received are good, it can lead to an over-bloated sense of own importance. When the vibes processed are negative, it...

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