The journey of life is never a straight course. It is filled with twists, and turns, crossroads and stops that bring us to the point where we must choose a path to take. We are often confronted with the two roads in that yellow wood that Robert Frost wrote about. And when we come to it, the challenge of deciding looms in front of us. Sometimes after making the decisions, we continue to have a mind battle triggered by thoughts of the road not followed. However, you can make decisions that you will be proud of when you apply the following decision making litmus grid. Simply test your decision with the following questions:

  1. Is it spiritually edifying?

This question should probe our hearts about the spiritual rightness of our decision. Is it in line with God’s commandments? Or do we have to compromise our faith to follow the decision? Does the decision directly or indirectly contravene our faith? If yes, we may need to have a rethink. Joseph, in the Bible, refused to take any action that was directly against God’s law. Although he initially got into trouble, God did not forget his spiritual integrity and he eventually got his reward.

Similarly, we need to know if the decision will take us on a journey of spiritual growth or if it would lead us to spiritual decline. Once the decision has passed this first phase, one can proceed to the next.

  1. Is it financially profitable?This next step of the test is quite important. We need to understand the financial implications of the decision. The endeavour should be one that would garner profit and not a loss.
  1. Is it emotionally gratifying?

Emotional well-being is something that many people overlook too many times. When making a decision, we should ensure that the choice we make caters to our emotional health. It should make us happy, fulfilled, and peaceful.

  1. Is it physically safe and/or healthy?

After our decision has passed the preceding steps on the litmus grid, we must ask ourselves if the decision does not physically endanger us. If the road to be taken is fraught with unnecessary dangers to our physical well-being or that of our loved ones, then we may need to call it quits on that road.

  1. Does it align with my purpose or assignment?

Of all the steps outlined here, this may be the most delicate. This is because purpose gives direction and focus. So, if the decision does not align with our purpose or assignment, we might as well be travelling down a flight of stairs while hoping to get upstairs.

  1. How will I feel about it later?

Good question! We need to search our minds and emotions to answer this. After making that decision, we should ask ourselves if we would feel bad or good about that situation, in hindsight.

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Finally, we are on course and on schedule if our decisions pass this test satisfactorily. We may go merrily on our journey with full assurance that we have made the right choice.

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