Be Yourself

“Be yourself” is a charge often heard in motivational circles. But this is a world that is in a frenzy about conforming in all aspects of life. It takes lots of courage to break away from cultural, societal, religious, ethical and other conventions. that go against...

The Quality and Quantity of Punctuality

Inasmuch as I discourage and sanction late coming, I also do not pay bonus for punctuality. You can come early and achieve nothing. What I reward is the quality and quantity of your output in an 8-hour workday.

The Financial Value of Tasks

Always ask yourself the financial value of the tasks you occupy yourself with. If you are working for yourself and you do these activities all day long during the month, will you make money? Will your business survive? That is the litmus test to determine your...

The Greatest Compliment for Self-Managers

The greatest compliment we can pay ourselves as self-managers is how we spend time. It is also the worst insult we can ascribe ourselves. Take my advice, go for the compliment, and make your time count for something

Forge Ahead

I am of the school of thought to forge ahead if others are dragging their feet on anything. Take responsibility, especially if you are the one that will be answerable for the result at the end of the day.