The Stature of Destiny

To fulfil destiny to the maximum, with nothing left undone or uncovered, you need a disciplined body, a fat spirit and an enriched soul. – Babatunde Oladele

Be Abreast of Trends

It is an ever-evolving world and ways of doing things change by the day. As an expert, you should not be caught napping about trends in your industry. You cannot be found to be using yesterday’s method to solve today’s problem. – Babatunde...

Focus and Wealth

It takes focus to build wealth. Those who are scattered in their pursuits, dabbling into so many unrelated things, or who scatter their resources and attention can only make money. It will be difficult for them to build wealth.

How to Avoid Giving Terrible Advice

When you advise someone with your own gain in mind, you will most likely give them terrible advice. The best advisers are those who offer counsel beneficial mainly, if not only, to their advisee. — Babatunde Oladele

Life Is What You Accept

Consciously or unconsciously, the Life we are exposed to informs the Life we accept or reject, which in turn determines the Life we process and then manifest in the Life we receive. – Babatunde Oladele

Life is a Journey in Destinations

Life is a journey in destinations, choices, and decisions. There is no living without any of these three. You can’t avoid them. Not having a destination you are aspiring in life is a journey to nowhere, while refusing to make a choice/decision is a choice/decision on...