Take deliberate steps to improve.

Take deliberate steps to improve.

This is a continuation of the blog post of the same title. We discussed how we could be deliberate with certain facets of our lives to achieve significant results in our endeavours. The key aspects of life we examined are our professions, careers and physical fitness and health. In this part, we’ll examine some other aspects of life where we could be intentional in order to achieve optimum productivity.

  • Relaxation and Fun

Do you realise that planning and fun can co-habit in the same space and anything ‘fun’ does not necessarily have to be something done on the spur of the moment? It is also important to be deliberate about including fun and relaxation in your schedule to recharge your batteries. Of course, you have many things to do but if you end up breaking down, you will not have enough energy to finish what you have started. Nobody plans to give up. It is often the direct result of not counting the cost, or not scheduling time for things like rest, retrospection, and strategising. Sometimes, giving up is not planned. When you have not put down plans to rest intentionally, you accidentally give up on your dreams.

  • Relationships

Man is a social creature who thrives on interaction with fellow humans. This makes relationship-building and keeping a crucial part of our wellbeing. Relationship management will include making deliberate efforts to engage those with whom you have relationships.

This is not a call to become obnoxious through incessant calls or messages, rather make each time spent with the people in your circle count – whether it is ten minutes or ten days. When you become successful, having people to share it with is another level of success, for only then will success be meaningful.

  • Your Thoughts and Self-awareness
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The greatest disservice any man can do to himself is to meander through life without a healthy dose of self-awareness. Self-awareness in itself does not come from reading any book. It is the product of personal reflections. Deep thinking or reflection is no easy feat. In fact, many people avoid it because it is a gruesome, laborious exercise. However, it is the only path to self-awareness.

Self-awareness, simply put, is tearing away at your layers until you can answer your Who, What, Where, When, How, and most importantly, Why questions. It is the School of You where you are both teacher and student. Jim Rohn, a man I admire and regard as my mentor, counsels us to be our own students. Make yourself your number one project. Keep unravelling and peeling all your layers, painful though the process may be sometimes, and go on a lifelong journey of self-discovery. You would be amazed at what you will find out about yourself.

You will find out that being intentional about these key aspects of life is the path to having a more successful and balanced life.

Let’s do something remarkable!

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