5 Bad Practices in Social Media Management (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a previous post on Bad Practices of Social Media Management.

  1. Doing it all in-house

A vibrant social media brand is usually a result of plural input. No single person can deliver a successful social media campaign on his or her own. The saying, “two good heads are better than one” holds true in social media management as in other concerns that justify it. To give your brand a vibrant edge on social media networks, you need cognitive skills in research, creativity, analysis, reportorial, content development, intuitive and trend analysis. While it’s possible to have all these talents latent in one person, that is usually an exception and not the rule.

From experience, at TRW Consult, we usually have to deploy between three operatives or the entire team to a single campaign, depending on the scale of expected results and budget of the project. Apart from this, we also have three agencies [two local and one foreign] that we also engage in running our flagship accounts. That is why we are renowned for stellar results in content, brand and reputation management, while most of our jobs come through referrals.

For you to make the most of your social media brand assets, you need to deploy between two or three of your staff to the assignment for an average brand. And they should see to such concerns as social media calendar, audience analysis, [industrial or societal] trends, marketing integration, audience engagement, etc. You should also invest in training them so they can be abreast of developments and add such to their delivery. Not doing these are bad practices which may have a not-so-desirable reflection on your brand.

  1. Spending less and expecting more
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This is also one of the bad practices business owners and managers indulge in. Due to the common notion about social media as a plaything or an avenue for frivolous social engagements, they do not consider it an end for business investment or marketing budget. It is this belief that informs assigning just anyone to handle their accounts in the first place.

Social media, while thriving on seeming frivolous social engagements, is a serious business. The stocks of corporate and individual brands rise and fall by the week on the back of social media hits or misses. If in doubt, then google Pepsi’s Black Lives Matter to cite a recent global example. The Nigerian scene abounds with scandalous posts by spokespersons of government officials, which have earned their principals more enemies than fans, not to mention the international embarrassments such ill-advised outputs attract.

To make the most of your social media endeavours, you must be willing to invest a sizable sum in growing your audience and increasing the reach of your posts so that more netizens can see them.

  1. Content is no longer king

This may sound self-contradictory, considering my first point. Yes, content is no longer king in effective social media management, quality content is. You can’t say because you need to keep your channels busy with content as well as engage your audience, then you post anything or only information about your business. You will only make your audience unfollow/unlike your accounts fast. And, once gone, it’s difficult to win them back because they would have profiled you in their psyche as a junk or irrelevant brand.

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You need quality, fresh and relevant content to engage a social media audience, who by nature are restless and insatiable. And you don’t do that by posting stuff about your business alone. There must be a perfect blend of content ranging between serious and trivial, hard and soft information, business and social content to win on social media. The interesting thing is that not every social media expert or agency can offer you that blend. To underscore this point, here is a commentary from the anchorperson of a local social media outfit we engaged for a major campaign: I commend TRWConsult and the team for a great job when it comes to research and content development. We also offer content development as a service for the too busy clients, but we just always prefer that the clients pass to us useful information that will make the work smoother and easier.

I suppose that nails it on the importance of quality content as a catalyst in driving your personal and corporate brand to social media hit.

As a recap, go for the right expertise, go for teamwork, go for quality content and have the right mindset to project your brand to top-of-the-mind awareness on social media. Do these and you will have your brand soaring with time and free of the bad practices discussed above.

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Babatunde is the team lead at TRW Consult, a marketing communications agency offering content development, brand promotion and reputation management services to individuals and corporates in sub-Saharan Africa.

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