Be Deliberate (2)

This is a continuation of the blog post of the same title. We discussed how we could be deliberate with certain facets of our lives to achieve significant results in our endeavours. The key aspects of life we examined are our professions, careers and physical fitness...

The Unprofitable Servant

If you think your employer is mean and undeserving of your best effort, then you are of the stock of the biblical ‘unprofitable servant’ who buried his talent because he thought his master was mean and undeserving of his productivity.

Self-management and Effective Work

Work is one of the most maligned activities of our time, taking the blame for most emotional, spiritual, marital, financial and other personal failures. Yet, most people do not really work as they should to justify the blame heaped on work. They only do not know how...

Prepare to be Productive

The best thing to do in a time of peace is to prepare rigorously for war. The best thing to do in a time of surplus is to prepare adequately for famine. In a similar vein, the best thing to do in a time of rest is to get all your operations and productivity machinery...

The Key to Productivity

The key to productivity is rigorous thinking and consistent, organised action. Anyone who continuously engages in these two disciplines will have no problem with reeling out one accomplishment after another. Welcome to the School of Productivity!
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