The Right Climate

If you want to grow the right kind of fruit, you must have the right climate. And the words you speak (and listen to) determine the climate of your life, the direction in which it goes, and the results you get. – Word for Today
Most Important Management Skill

Most Important Management Skill

I think the foremost and most important management skill anyone should develop is time management. If you can manage time, then you will be able to manage money because, as the saying goes, time is money. And if you can manage money, then you will be able to manage...

Test of Character

The acid test of character is determined by what it takes to discourage you and make you quit. – Word for Today

Successful People

Successful people are often just people who were a little hungrier and thirstier for success than the rest of us. What we desired, they pursued. – Word for Today

Being Knowledgeable

The more knowledgeable we become about ourselves – the more settled we are about the things that are really important or what we want in life – the more rebellious we appear in a society that wants us to conform and play along to belong. – Babatunde...
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