The Cause of Your Biggest Failures

If you conduct a postmortem on your biggest failures, somewhere in the wreckage you’ll find that you’ve forsaken the place of prayer. – UCB Media #WordforToday  

Taking Shortcuts

By taking shortcuts, you risk short-changing your future. Your unwillingness to learn today will leave you unprepared for tomorrow’s opportunities. – UCB Media #WordforToday

Before Criticising Somebody

Before you put somebody else’s life under the microscope, stop and examine your own. Are you grappling with the same issue, or one just as bad? Have you succeeded where you’re accusing somebody else of failing? – UCB Media #WordforToday

A Journey to Nowhere

Not having a destination you are aspiring in life is a journey to nowhere, while refusing to make a choice/decision is a choice/decision on its own. — Babatunde Oladele
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