Peace Facilitates Prosperity

Peace facilitates prosperity; strife drains much of the energy needed for productivity. A peaceful mind, a peaceful home, a peaceful workplace and a peaceful society are the perfect combination that makes one flourish, except the peace-surrounded person is mentally...

Being Successful

You can’t be successful without clearly defining what success looks like. – Jason Thacker

Alex Ferguson on Team Leadership

There is no point suddenly changing routines that players are comfortable with. It is counterproductive, saps morale and immediately provokes players to question the new man’s motives. A leader who arrives in a new setting, or inherits a big role, needs to curb the...

Life is as we accept it

Consciously or unconsciously, the Life we are exposed to informs the Life we accept or reject, which in turn determines the Life we process and then manifest in the Life we receive. – Babatunde Oladele
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