A lot has been said about idea theft, with many people getting paranoid about sharing their ideas with others for fear of such proprietary information being seized by the person they share it with and then going on to execute it as their own.

I have a different perspective to the general opinion as to the portability of ideas with the notion that it can be easily seized up and implemented by anyone who has a whiff of it.

No one can replicate your original idea as uniquely as you, because a lot of intangible personal mix goes into the execution of ideas that the other person cannot grasp.

In most cases, the idea thief will struggle to express it. It’s only in rare cases that s/he would execute it better than you, and s/he must be a super-intelligent person to do that.

So, don’t just sit and bemoan the theft of your idea, get up and pursue it. And let’s believe your personal mix would prove superior to your counterparts in process, execution and package.

Babatunde is the Chief Responsibility Officer of TRW Holdings, a consortium of agencies that offers word-class services. He blogs here.

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