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Babatunde is a serial entrepreneur and publisher; a teacher of fundamental principles with unique insights on life and living. He is also a life coach with a specialty in Purpose, Productivity and Performance.


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Mr Productivity

Babatunde Oladele manages a fleet of world-class businesses.

Babatunde is an entrepreneur whose life mission is to ‘give…



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Thoughts & Reflections

Gauge Its Impact Before You Explore It

Gauge its impact before you explore it   Once you know the importance your team or organisation places on an ideal, anything that will make you compromise that standard should be gauged on its impact value to help you ascertain if you should explore it.

To Stand Out, Focus on the Big Picture

To stand out, focus on the big picture   To stand out at work, do not get stuck in the rut of merely doing things or the usual rounds. Focus on the big picture and work with that consciousness in mind.

Every System Failure is Traceable to Man

Every system failure is traceable to man   Every system failure is traceable to man: some to the oversight of those who designed it, most to the carelessness of those who execute it, some to the incompetence of those who maintain it.

Let the System Be Independent of You

Let the system be independent of you   Your indisposition or unavailability should not truncate the flow of the system. Otherwise, whatever you are doing is not a system, but a showmanship. Even at that, the Thespians (the masters of shows) have a saying that no...

What Does Feedback Mean to You?

What Does Feedback Mean to You?   Feedback is meant to better our deliverables and improve our processes, and not all of it will be communicated in an agreeable manner. Our duty is to take it in good faith and treat it on its merit without creating bad blood in...

Define Your Work Activities per Time

Define your work activities per time   A considerable portion of the things we do during work hours are not work. Otherwise, how do we account for the time spent gisting, Facebooking, WhatsApping, tweeting, Instagramming, plus unofficial surfing and emailing...

Facility vs Capacity

Facility is not the same thing as capacity. Facility will give you a platform or put you on the spot, but you need capacity to deliver, impress and win over your audience.

Tasks Must Have Delivery Dates

There should be no task without a specific delivery date. That is not professional and would only lead to laxity.


Productivity must be driven from the top. The team lead is essentially responsible for the productivity of each of his/her team members, as (s)he must communicate a lucid vision of where they are heading as well as offer clear direction as to how and what they need to...

Beware of People with Little Regard for Your Employ

Whoever knows you work and draw your pay somewhere, with all the obligations attached to being part of an organisational workforce, and still approaches you to do professional services for them has little regard for your employ and will make greater demands in the future that will tell.

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Entrepreneur. Author. Publisher. Teacher & Life Coach

Babatunde is a student of Life and a serial entrepreneur. A teacher of fundamental principles with unique insights for various aspects of life drawn from the Scripture, nature and torture. He is also a life coach with a core specialty in purpose, productivity and performance. He hosts a monthly life-sharing session, ThriVe with Babs, where he shares his learnings and gleanings with an audience from different walks of life.

Notable among his businesses are the award-winning duo of The Ready Writers, the oldest writing and editorial firm in sub-Saharan Africa, and TRW Consult, a marketing communications agency with operations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He is also the publisher of popular online titles including Daily Dew Inspiration, Daily Dew Devotional, Masculine Nuggets, Feminine Nuggets, TravelSmart Tips and several others.


Unwavering Loyalty

“I want to thank you and your team for your unwavering loyalty and support all these years.”

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,
DG, World Trade Organization

Trusted Aide

“Babatunde is my most trusted aide for quality research and content works.”

Mrs Ibukun Awosika,
The Chair Centre Group

Babatunde You are a Genius

Babatunde you are a genius. Even Punch and The Cable have published the news. Wow! It has really gone everywhere! You are a miracle man. You deserve a break. You deserve a bonus.

- Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of a Lagos-based Beverage Company

A Job Well Done

“I gave you my CV and you turned it into such a beautifully written profile. Thanks for a job well done.”

Chief Joe Anyigbo
Executive Director, Rtd, Chevron Nigeria

Impossible was made Possible

“Thanks again for your amazing dedication to ensuring the apparently impossible was made possible. God bless you. We will be contacting you again shortly for more jobs.”

Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie
Lagos Business School

Turning this Around

“Thank you for turning this around! We will use widely I assure you!”

Mrs Folake Ani-Mumuney,
Group Head, Marketing & Corporate Communications, FirstBank Nigeria Plc

I am Really Impressed

“I saw the fully edited copy of the manuscript…and I must confess, I am really impressed at what I saw. I commend your painstaking and diligent effort.”

Mr Babatunde Mesewaku,
Author & Council Manager, Ejigbo Local Govt

I Appreciate Your Hard Work and Dedication

“Great. Once again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are really adding value to the project. Don’t ever forget your efforts are highly appreciated.”

Mr Paul Nwabuikwu,
Senior Special Adviser on Media, Federal Ministry of Finance

Well done!

“Well done! Your (digital marketing) activities have been very impactful, impressive, and value-adding. I don’t have any reason to stop.”

Mr Francis Omolaiye,
Head of Sales & Marketing, NNFems Industries

Good job!

Thanks, Babatunde. Good job! Thanks for the comprehensive report. I indeed appreciate it.

Mr Onuwa Joseph,
Marketing Communications Consultant


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To Run a Business Sustainably

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Discipline and Mental Focus

Discipline and Mental Focus

It’s not goal setting in itself that makes the difference between success and failure. True, there is some form of rigour involved in identifying...