Entrepreneur.   Author.   Publisher.   Teacher  &   Life Coach

Babatunde is a serial entrepreneur-cum-publisher; a teacher of fundamental principles with unique insights. He is also a life coach with a speciality in purpose, productivity and performance.

Entrepreneur. Author. Publisher. Teacher  & Life Coach

Babatunde is a serial entrepreneur-cum-publisher; a teacher of fundamental principles with unique insights. He is also a life coach with a speciality in purpose, productivity and performance.

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Mr Productivity

Babatunde Oladele manages a fleet of world-class businesses.

Babatunde is an entrepreneur whose life mission is to ‘give…


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Entrepreneur. Author. Publisher. Teacher & Life Coach

Babatunde is a student of Life and a serial entrepreneur. A teacher of fundamental principles with unique insights for various aspects of life drawn from the Scripture, nature and torture. He is also a life coach with a core speciality in purpose, productivity and performance. He hosts a monthly life-sharing session, ThriVe with Babs, where he shares his learnings and gleanings with an ever-increasing audience from different walks of life.

Notable among his businesses are the award-winning duo of The Ready Writers, the oldest writing and editorial firm in sub-Saharan Africa, and TRW Consult, a marketing communications agency with operations in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States. He is also the publisher of popular online titles including Daily Dew, Masculine Digest, Feminine Digest, Travel Smart and several others.

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Babatunde is a serial entrepreneur-cum-publisher with core expertise in deploying creative content for brand visibility and promotion, digital footprints, public relations, web presence, reputation management, publicity, political marketing, manuscript development, editorial and distribution. He consults for agencies, corporates and individuals locally and internationally.


Babatunde you are a genius. Even Punch and The Cable have published the news. Wow! It has really gone everywhere! You are a miracle man. You deserve a break. You deserve a bonus.

“I want to thank you and your team for your unwavering loyalty and support all these years.”
– Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, DG, World Trade Organization

“Babatunde is my most trusted aide for quality research and content works.”
– Mrs Ibukun Awosika, The Chair Centre Group

“I gave you my CV and you turned it into such a beautifully written profile. Thanks for a job well done.”
– Chief Joe Anyigbo, Executive Director, Rtd, Chevron Nigeria

“Thanks again for your amazing dedication to ensuring the apparently impossible was made possible. God bless you. We will be contacting you again shortly for more jobs.”
– Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, Lagos Business School

“Thank you for turning this around!”
– Mrs Folake Ani-Mumuney, Group Head, Marketing & Corporate Communications, FirstBank Nigeria Plc

“I saw the full edited copy of the manuscript…and I must confess, I am really impressed at what I saw. I commend your painstaking and diligent effort.”
– Mr Babatunde Mesewaku, Author & Council Manager, Ejigbo Local Govt

“Great. Once again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are really adding value to the project. Don’t ever forget your efforts are highly appreciated.”
– Mr Paul Nwabuikwu, Senior Special Adviser on Media, Federal Ministry of Finance

“Well done! Your (digital marketing) activities have been very impactful, impressive, and value-adding. I don’t have any reason to stop.”
– Mr Francis Omolaiye, Head, Sales & Marketing, NNFems Industries

Thanks, Babatunde. Good job! Thanks for the comprehensive report. I indeed appreciate it.
– Mr Onuwa Joseph, Marketing Communications Consultant


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TRW Consult

Literary Renaissance Foundation

SOI Publishing

Iwe Bookstore

The Ready Writers Consult

ThriVers Academy


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Thoughts & Reflections

Life can be Tougher for People Who Think Less

Life can be tougher for those who think less and their close ones.

Rude Eventually Loses

When you are rude to someone you will only score a point, but it won't be enough to prevent you from losing in the overall game of life.

Choose an Attitude of Gratitude

We all have several reasons to be grateful. But when we lose our sense of gratitude, we begin to grumble about our situation. You can't be grateful and disgruntled at the same time.

Workplace and Results

Think results, not excuses, in the workplace.

God’s Timing Makes Everything Beautiful

The Scripture says that God makes everything beautiful in its time. If it's not its time, it won't be beautiful.

Classic Arm Twisters

Which of these classic arm twisters do you think Eve used on Adam? > You don't love me. > You don't care. > You don't listen to me.

Process Information Before Responding

Spend time to process the information you get before responding.

Make Your Workdays Count

Make your workdays count.

A Manager

A manager has foresight.

Distractions Take You Further From Your Goals

Distractions are things that take one further away from their goals rather than closer.

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